As a part of our strategic rebranding initiative, we've given a fresh, new look to our offshore geotechnical drilling vessel, Australis. This transformation isn't just skin deep; it reflects Dragon Geosciences' reinvigorated corporate spirit.


Our vessel now sports an exterior painted in vibrant shades of orange and navy blue - our esteemed corporate colors.


🟠Orange, commonly seen on high-visibility personal protective equipment for mariners, stands as a testament to our undying commitment to safety.

🔵Navy blue, echoing the deep mysteries of the sea, underscores our niche in specialized offshore services.


Together, these colors don’t just paint a picture but tell a story - a tale of our brand's unwavering pledge to maritime excellence.


With Australis setting sail in its renewed avatar, we're not just showcasing our brand's evolution but doubling down on our promise of upholding industry-leading standards and prioritizing safety.


Here's to navigating future horizons with renewed vigor!