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Dragon Geosciences provides a full service on work related to marine geodata. Our subsidiaries include:Dragon & Elephant (distributes marine electronics including navigation, communication, surveying and subsea equipments), Dragon Survey (conducts hydrographic and geophysical surveys), Dragon Drilling(conducts geotechnical site investigations) and Dragon Satcom (provides satellite communication services).

Founded by Dragon Hsi in 1980, Dragon Geosciences has grown from a marine electronics distributor to a multidisciplinary group of companies with a focus on marine geodata. We value using safety first, sustainable goals, customer focused, accountable people, reliable solutions to provide insight beneath waters while promoting sustainable development of international resources and the global environment. Our vision is to become the benchmark of marine surveying contractors so that our services and technologies are widely used around the world.

Over the years, our team has been awarded Taipei Prominent Enterprise Award, NBIA Outstanding Incubator Client Award from United States and AABI Torch Best Entrepreneur Award from South Korea. 2023 Dragon Geosciences Group has become member of the leading trade association, IMCA, International Marine Contractors Association.

To promote sustainable development through safe and reliable geospatial solutions that provide valuable insights beneath the water.
To be recognized globally as the premier subsea survey provider, delivering exceptional quality and value to customers around the world.
Safety First
Safety First
Safety First
We are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards with a proactive approach to ensure our people return home safe and healthy at the end of every working day.
Sustainable Goals
Sustainable Goals
We operate with the genuine intention to leave the world, its communities, and people better, safer, and long-lasting for the next generation and generations to come.
Customer Focused
Customer Focused
We build partnerships with our customers and actively listen to their needs so that we can provide custom-made solutions to their problems and realize their ambitions
Accountable People
Accountable People
We take responsibility for our actions and take ownership of our work.
Reliable Solutions
Reliable Solutions
We offer comprehensive and trust-worthy valuable solutions.

Dragon Geosciences supports offshore renewable energy, nearshore construction, oil and gas infrastructures and marine navigational industries through providing specialized equipment, custom surveying solutions and vessel communication and monitoring services. In particular, Dragon Survey performs hydrographic and marine geophysical survey services, working seamlessly with Dragon Drilling, performing offshore geotechnical investigation involving in-situ testing and soil sample collections. In addition, Dragon & Elephant distributes surveying, satellite communication, navigational and subsea equipment, while Dragon Satcom provides satellite communication and vessel management and monitoring system services.

Dragon Survey
Dragon Survey
Marine Geophysical Survey

• Hydrographic and Seabed Morphology Survey
• Sediment Transport Behavior Study
• Seabed Characteristic Survey
• Remote Sub-seabed Stratigraphy and Structural Survey
• Subsea Ferrous Material Identification Survey
• Intrusive Shallow Soil Stratigraphy Survey
• Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Survey
• Pipeline and Cable Inspection Service
• Underwater Search and Recovery
• Permitting Application Service

Dragon & Elephant
Dragon & Elephant
Distributer of Maritime and Surveying Equipments

• Marine Navigation System Sales
• Positioning System Sales
• Geophysical and Hydrographic Surveying System Sales
• Satellite Communications System Sales
• Subsea Equipment Sales
• Dynamic Positioning System Sales
• Vessel Integration System Sales

Dragon Drilling
Dragon Drilling
Marine Geotechnical Site Investigation

• Downhole Cone Penetration Test
• Continuous Soil and Rock Sampling
• Offshore Soil and Rock Laboratory Testing
• Borehole Geophysical Logging
• In-situ Soil Testing

Dragon Satcom
Dealer of Satellite Communication Service

• Satellite Communication Service
• Vessel Tracking Service
• Provide Certificate of MTU Inspection

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